Christmas time with the family!

A quick sneek peak at what christmas looks like this year 🙂
Such a nice evening, I love spending time with the entire family!

Christmas decoration

Christmas Tannenbaum

My mum doesn’t like that this picture looks so blury but I have to say that I quite do, I can’t wait to get scrapping again 🙂
Well after I ordered some new scrapbooking stuff… can’t wait to pick everything out tomorrow! 🙂

Sleigh Ride

My dad got this one a few years ago and even though it’s quite corny I do think it’s cute when it gets dark outside 🙂

Tannenbaum5 Tannenbaum6

This was the decoration my mum got the year I was born. She got one each year my sister and I were born and the old ones from my grandmother – I love nostalgia 🙂

Merry christmas everyone, I hope you spend a wonderful time with your loved ones and have a blessed day 🙂

Lots of love,




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