Summer Time


I talked to my best friend today, who’s back in California to celebrate christmas with her family and when she said that they had 80+ degrees in LA I got super jealous! I mean I do love a white Christmas but I still am a California girl after all… I think that’s something you’ll never forget so I love the beach and the hot weather more than anything else!
So I decided to get out my favorite beach pictures I took two or three years ago at El Porto when we were seniors and had a lot of free time after graduation and create a summer page… I know, totally wrong time of the year but still I love it 🙂


I decided to stitch a frame around the pictures in this light pink twine, which holds everything together and connects those two different parts of pictures on the page 🙂

IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4192

I love pink and yellow as a combination and I love the sparkely background paper in the bright pink – so fun 🙂

IMG_4193IMG_4194 IMG_4195

Lots of love,



Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House


It’s christmas time, what better to do than bake a ginger bread house?
I came home from college yesterday and today my little sister and I decided to bake and decorate our very own gingerbread house 🙂

Let me know if anyone wants the recipe and I’ll add it on, we made everything from scratch 🙂
Oh yeah then we pretty much put every candy on it that we had at hand 😀 And we might have already eaten a little something here and there throughout the day 🙂

I can’t wait for christmas eve 🙂 We’re going to put up the tree tomorrow and decorate it togther and then on the 24th my family is coming over, i’m so excited 🙂

Lots of love, L


Last winter we went out for a dinner and later found a little fair on our way through the city. My cousins (7 and 11) really wanted to go on the carousel and I couldn’t not join them 🙂 My aunt makes really great photos and I love these, they really captured all the fun we had that day 🙂

Because I liked these pictures so much, I wanted them to be in the foreground and I picked more neutral colors and I love the black glittery background which really matches the day 🙂



I love the golden background in the picture, gold and glitter are always christmasy, wintery colors to me and I love how that matches the theme of the pictures 🙂


I love pop-dots! They are my absolute favourite and I use them on every single page 😀


– L

My favourite scrapbooking blogs (in no particular order) ♥

– also knows as Glitter Girl on TwoPeasInABucket 🙂
I absolutely love her style and the vibrance of the color she uses in her layouts, always a great inspiration 🙂

– such great ideas, I get never get enough of Michelle’s Blog. It’s not always exatly my style but i love stealing ideas 😉

– such fun colors and ideas, always worth stopping by and checking out Lilith’s blog 🙂


– L